The Atelier is composed of two people.

Marta is the seamstress, responsible for creating the pieces you find on this website. Always paying attention to the smallest detail, her goal is to provide high quality pieces in both appearance and execution.

Amanda is responsible for the digital part. The dolls modelling the clothes are from her personal collection, and she's responsible for the photography, editing and managing the website and social media.

About the Atelier

The page titled Catalogue includes pieces that can be made on demand in various sizes and colors especially for your doll. We also accept orders for custom exclusive pieces to represent your own original characters, check out a few examples at the gallery.

The page called Fabrics includes special materials with limited availability.

In both cases, use the Contact page to place your order and once it's approved, we'll send you an invoice.

Please be aware that we have a minimum order of $35.

How to buy


We currently work with the present doll sizes:


- Angell Studio 62cm, large bust

- Fairyland Feeple65

- Loongsoul 69cm, small and extra small busts

- Myou MSD


- Iplehouse SID

- Ringdoll 70cm body type 3

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