- When placing an order, please include the piece's name and size/color desired. We cannot guarantee the availability of a specific fabric, but if you want the same fabric as a piece in the catalogue, mention that in your order and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

- Please be patient, we need to produce the items on your order. If you want to know how an order is coming along, feel free to contact us.

- Our goal is to ensure dressing your doll is practical, and whenever possible, the pieces include a closure system with snaps. If you would prefer your piece does not include that system, please let us know on your initial contact. Pieces without pressure may require the removal of your doll's head.

- While our home is smoke-free, we do own a dog. She does not have access to the pieces, but as she's a long haired dog, please be aware of the risk if you have severe allergies.

- To request a price quote for an exclusive commission, feel free to email us directly, without using the form. Please include at least one reference image.

- The special fabrics on the Fabrics page may increase the price of an order. To know the new price of a piece including one of such fabrics, contact us, as the price difference will vary depending on the piece.

- We reserve the right to reject an order or commission.


Where are you?

We're in Brazil! As such, please be aware that your package will be shipped internationally and allow time for it to arrive.


What forms of payment do you take?

We use Paypal, it's safer for both sides.

How much is shipping?

Shipping starts at $13 worldwide and may go up depending on the weight of your order. If you want an estimate beforehand, feel free to contact us with your country and city so that we may calculate it for you.

How will my package be sent?

Your package will be shipped with a method called "International light", it's a cheaper method for international packages that is still reasonably fast, not to mention safe and includes tracking.

How long until my order is ready?

Depending on the complexity of your order, it may take about two weeks. Of course, please be aware that does not mean you will receive your piece in two weeks, that's the average wait time for producing, shippingtime is added onto this. We cannot control how long mail takes to arrive exactly!

Can I change my order? When?

Changes will only be accepted if we haven't started producing your order yet. You may email us to check how your order is coming along.

Can I cancel my order? When?

Only if we haven't started producing your order yet.

Do you accept exchanges or refunds?

We do not accept exchanges or refunds. Please check your order before submitting it to make sure it matches what you desire.

What if my package never shows up?

We have been shipping packages overseas without issue for many years now, but in the case of a confirmed missing package, we will offer you the choice between a replacement or a refund for your order minus the shipping fee. Please be aware that international shipping takes longer than domestic and allow enough time for your package to arrive before contacting us about it.

How do I place an order?

Once you've picked your desired piece, size and color, send us a message through the contact form. If your order does not include a fabric you saw in the catalogue, please try to be specific about the color (for example, "navy blue" rather than "blue"). If you want more than one piece from our catalogue or wish to include extras (underskirts, belt and whatnot), include that in your message. If there are no problems with your order, we'll send you an invoice to pay with Paypal. Once your payment has been confirmed, we start working on your order!

What if you don't offer clothes on my doll's size?

No problem! Just send us a tape form of your doll and we'll start offering that size. Shipping for the form is on you, so feel free to send it flattened. If you provide us with a tape form for a size we don't have yet, we'll give you 20% off your next order! To know how to make a tape form, check out this tutorial.

Why is there a minimum order of $35?

Exporting from Brazil is sadly a process that takes quite a bit of time, so as much as we hate to do this, we must impose a minimum to make it worth the time spent at the agency.

Why was my order rejected?

An order may be rejected for a number of reasons, most commonly the lack of available materials for your pieces or complex custom works that we believe we may not be able to execute with the same quality as our other pieces. We may also reject an order if we have had problems with a specific buyer in the past.

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