So you want to make tape forms for the Atelier? Awesome! Just follow these steps:

Tape form tutorial

  You'll need:

- A victim, I mean, volunteer

- Plastic wrap

- Tape (I used packing tape for this tutorial. Don't be me, use masking tape and make your life easier)

- Scissors with a thin point

- A pen

  First, position your doll standing like in the image.

  Start wrapping your doll in plastic wrap. Be careful to cover all areas, including between the legs. Don't leave any holes!

  You might need more layers to cover certain areas. That's okay, it's better to have more layers than an unprotected doll! If you can't keep it very tight, that's also okay, you can fix that on the next step.

  Start covering your doll with the tape, making sure to keep it as tight as possible. You should try to preserve your doll's shapes as best as you can. You might need to cut strips of tape in various sizes for that, but that's fine.

  Check once more that you've covered everything before moving on to the next step.

  Using your pen, start marking where you'll cut the form open. Because my doll has fantasy parts that get in the way, I decided to open hers from the sides. If you prefer, you can cut once on the back and slip the form out of your doll instead. Draw a few squares along the line(s) where you'll be cutting, to help put it back together afterwards.

  Push a corner away from your doll and insert your scissors to start cutting. Be careful! Don't cut too fast, or you risk scratching your doll. We cannot be responsible for damages caused by carelessness during this step. It's best to go slow and avoid accidents.

  And you're done! If you're making this tape form for yourself, feel free to start taping it back together, filling it with filling or cotton as you go. Straighten up the arm and leg holes and close them with tape as well. If you're making this form for the Atelier, you can send it to us flat to save on shipping, just make sure to include the marks so we can put it back together properly.